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Wendy Dawson


I have always been interested in scrapbooking. After retiring from teaching I was looking for a fulfilling and enjoyable craft to utilise my newly gained freedom and time. 

After attending a number of ‘Scrap’ days with a friend I began to research options for something which offered a more sophisticated style.  I discovered Azza which on the Internet is described as a European style of scrapbooking as it originated in France.  

I was drawn in by the many stunning pages I had viewed. My next step was to find out where and how to access this type of scrapbooking in Victoria. I was overjoyed to find a consultant who welcomed me and gave me valuable instruction and insight into the Azza style.

I was hooked. I then completed my training with the Victorian team leader and am excited to share the Azza style with you.

 I am happy to introduce you to the Azza style through a demonstration, or to run a one-on-one class or group classes.

 Please contact me on the mobile number below.

0425 820 701
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