About AZZA Pacific

AZZA Pacific Pty Ltd is a consultant based scrapbooking business that was introduced to Australia in 2008. We are a franchise of the parent company established in 2001 in Belgium.

Our History

In 2001 a new concept in scrapbooking was developed in Belgium using stencils.

The concept was one of page creation combining people's creativity with sets of multi layout stencils. At least 20 different layouts can be created with each AZZA stencil set.

In 2008 Azza was introduced into Australia (Azza Pacific) where the concept, also known as European Scrapbooking, was further developed and is now flourishing.

Azza Pacific Pty Ltd has consultants in every state in Australia, the ACT, and also sells in New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada, Denmark, South Africa, UK, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Qatar.

Products are primarily distributed through our Consultant network, and Azza Pacific Pty Ltd takes pride in the fact that all our consultants are trained to a high level of proficiency before they can teach our style and techniques.

Azza Pacific Pty Ltd is currently managed by a team of three directors - Anita Day (Queensland), Hilary Hamilton (Victoria) and Lyn Holmes (WA).

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