About the AZZA style

Timeless and elegant - the AZZA style is characterised by the focus being on the photos. The harmony and balance of AZZA layouts draw your eye to the photos and the story they tell.

AZZA stands out in the world of scrapbooking because of its distinctive and elegant style.

With AZZA, the focus of our pages or layouts is always the photos; we embellish only to enhance, never overpower, the photos.  

The AZZA concept is one of page creation combining people's creativity with sets of 'multi-layout' stencils. At least 20 different layouts can be created from each AZZA stencil set.
In addition to our selection of (exclusive to AZZA) stencils , we offer an extensive range of decorative products to complement your layouts.

While the original incentive is the creation of memorable photo pages, our design techniques and decorative products can also be used on cards and other papercraft projects.

If you want to create fun, stylish layouts with more than just one photo on your page, then the AZZA style is for you!!

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