Why choose AZZA?

AZZA: a choice of heart and reason

Scrapbooking AZZA a choice of heart and reason

The heart is for the style, the fun, the emotion, the sharing, the expressing of your creativity.
The reason is the quality of products, affordable prices (the budget to spend on average to the AZZA scrap is much less than for the American scrap), supporting your personal Consultant.


Clients testimonials

Roslyn: “4 years ago, I would not thought that AZZA would influence so much my life!”
“I first saw AZZA at the Perth Craft show 4 years ago, and was immediately drawn to it.  I like the use of the photographs as the feature of the pages and the ability to do journaling if you wish. At the time there were no consultants in Perth, and all I had was a pencil, scissors and one stencil. Every year I have added to my collection and last year was able to meet Barbara Rae and begin attending her workshops. Barbara is a marvellous support and her classes are not only a great way to learn new skills but are fun as well. I will continue with her class, as the group of ladies I have met are lovely and we want to continue on a monthly basis.

I love the Be AZZA kits as they make creating your page easy and make even my very ordinary photography look quite spectacular!

I am undergoing a “Sea Change” as I have been a professional dressmaker all my life and now at 65 I am starting a new career and I am training to become an AZZA consultant. Thanks to Barbara’s guidance and patience in correcting my ”self taught” ways, I am on the road to being qualified.

In this era of everything being computerised, I find it satisfying to sit down and open my albums and relive the family weddings, my holidays, and my grandchildren think its great fun looking at their own albums. I consider myself to be the keeper of the family history!

I would never have thought 4 years ago that AZZA would have such an influence on my life, thank you AZZA.”


Adeline: ” Give life to our photos”
AZZA gives me the opportunity to meet many people, to create wonderful layouts out of the photos that I have stacked in my drawers. AZZA also gives you the ability to enhance old photos into beautiful and elegant layouts creating a history album. I also looked into genealogy and its amazing what ideas it can give you. Our children will enjoy flipping through these albums knowing where they come from.


Françoise: “Bonding over scrap in my town”
I used to like to garnish my albums with things. When I saw AZZA, I said, ‘that’s what I need!’
Scrapbooking pleases me because I get to enhance my layouts and put them into albums. When I started in my town, I was the only one, there is now 13 of us and we get together each fortnight.


Mary: “My relaxation – a breath of fresh air”
“AZZA” Scrapbooking is a breath of fresh air. I work in the psycho-social environment and have fairly heavy days with intense cases. AZZA empties my mind – there are those who play sports etc to relax – I’m into scrapbooking!
AZZA gives me the creativity, ideas, touch, it gets me out of my daily life and meet people.
I have realised that since I started AZZA scrapbooking albums, my friends, my husband, my children look at these albums much more often than my previous albums that we tend to forget in wardrobes.”

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