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Why not you?

Consultants are drawn from all walks of life and join us for all different reasons varying from the Consultant who wants her Azza income to pay for her craft to the Consultant who wants a full business and everything in between.

So, Why not you?


The above photo is a selection of Consultants from our team – this was taken at our Annual Conference in 2016.

These are the advantages of being an Azza Consultant:

  • Cost effective start to your Azza journey
  • Earn an income by teaching classes and selling products
    • Class fees are yours – we do not earn anything from YOUR classes
    • 20 or 25% commission, depending on your sales for each month
  • On-going Training – learn our concept, style and technique:
    • Initial new Consultant Trainings
    • Advanced Technique Trainings
    • Specialised Training
    • Business and Product Training each month
  • Full company support through:
    • Training
    • Shows & Events (Azza pays for all craft shows!)
    • Team Leaders and Management
    • Advanced purchase of new release products – this enables you to organise your classes for the next months product releases
    • Advertising material
      • Your own Consultant page on our website – no fees
      • Social Media advertising, magazine advertising, client base newsletter – all at no cost to you
      • We can create your own advertising brochure – no cost or fees
    • Plus more!
  • Teamwork – we all work together for ideas, solutions and to create a great working atmosphere between us all!
  • You work your own hours to suit your lifestyle!
  • Best of all – NO SALES QUOTAS!

What are the requirements of an Azza Consultant?

  • 1 order per month – no value imposed
  • Monthly report to be submitted to your Team Leader

Yes, that’s it – there are no other requirements!

This is your business and we will help you all the way. Depending on your preferences, the time you want to spend, your sales goals and your level of scrap, AZZA offers you the opportunity to earn an income through four different avenues:

  • Sales
  • Classes
  • Sponsorship – enlist others to join Azza
  • To become a Team Leader and more

We are different to the normal Party Plan business:

  • We do not do ‘parties’ – we teach classes
  • Your Hostess’ friends will not have to buy that dreaded ‘what’s the cheapest’ product to help their friend – therefore, no pressure on the friends.
  • Every participant in your class will receive a loyalty Azza Club Card – not just the Hostess.
    • These loyalty cards offer your clients FREE exclusive Azza products
  • Our Consultants help their client with product choices and advice, but do not pressure or hassle any clients

If you want more information, please contact Hilary via email: or by phone: 0418 348 110 – we have Business Information Packs that can be sent out to you via email or post.


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