AZZA Focus Classes

Some techniques are very intricate or allow many enhancements to be made.
The Focus classes offer training specific to a product or to an original feature of a technique that you already know.

These Classes are focused on a particular Stencil Set or the Medium Focus are based on such as Chalk, Ink, Stamping, Embossing, Pens, Paper, Titles, Decorative Stencils or Figurines, Texture, Multiple page layouts and more!

As with all our classes, all materials are supplied for you by your Consultant. The only exception would be a multiple or double pages, these will need to be purchased at the class.

AU003 Hilary Hamilton - AQUA 1-500 AU003 Hilary Hamilton - AQUA 2-500 AU003 Hilary Hamilton - AQUA 3-500 AU003 Hilary Hamilton - AQUA-500-Detail AU003 Hilary Hamilton - AQUA-500-Detailed 2


This is a multiple page layout using only 1 stencil set – Aqua.

Double and Multiple page layouts are brilliant for that event that has a lot of photos such as travel, weddings, family functions, visits to the zoo as shown. Any theme will suit and you will get anywhere from 10 to 30+ photos on a multiple page.





The below is a Focus Class on a technique – Chalk. There are also several other technique classes you can choose such as: Ink, Stamps, Paper, Figures, Decorative Stencils …. +

Layout 2 AU069-500 Layout 3 AU069-500 Layout 5 AU069-500 Layout 8 AU069-500

All classes are between 2.5 and 3.00 hours duration and are priced AU$ 25.00 per person.

Each time you participate to a focus workshop, you will earn an AZZA Pacific CLUB card of 125 points.
You can then redeem your points with exclusive AZZA products in our Club.

Ask more details to your consultant.

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