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AZZA has chosen to sell their products and services through a direct sales network. Indeed, we believe in the strength of the meeting between a Consultant passionate about their job and a client in search of solutions to enhance its visual heritage.

The human touch, the feel of a class, sharing of ideas are for us a source of life!

AZZA offers a wide range of classes and are designed to meet your expectations throughout your learning.

If you are a beginner and you do not know AZZA, we highly recommend our style as it is beneficial to everyone.

If the simplicity of AZZA inspires you and you appreciate your ability to quickly build your page with a lot of photos, we recommend you

The AZZA Scrap Kits classes

Once you have completed one or more of our AZZA Scrap kits  classes and you wish to advance your skills, we suggest :

  • AZZA Studio classes
  • AZZA Focus classes
  • AZZA Theme classes
  • AZZA Step By Step classes
  • AZZA Gift classes

If you want to create your albums in a friendly atmosphere with ongoing guidance of a Consultant, we offer:

  • AZZA Scrap Tables

AZZA Scrap Tables are designed for the Client who does not wish to attend a structured lesson. All equipment is still supplied for use (no page included and no AZZA Pacific Club 125 points card) and you will have the benefit of a Consultant to advise you, but please note, this is not an instructional class.

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