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AZZA reward your loyalty

Depending on your purchases or classes that you attended or hosted, AZZA offers you AZZA Club points that you can redeem for a gift of your choice in the Club. More than 20 exclusive gifts are available. Albums, stamp sets, figurines,  etc.

How does it work?

It’s very simple! Collect AZZA Club points and then exchange them for the gift of your choice.
To do this, visit the Azza Club catalogue shown as a ‘Flipping Book’ in the Catalogues section of the website. You will find a catalogue of over 30 gifts, most of which are EXCLUSIVE gifts!  Then contact your consultant who will arrange the exchange for you.

How do I earn AZZA Club points?

  1. By buying selected products, generally the monthly basket, you will receive an AZZA Club card of 125 points.
  2. By attending a class with one of our trained consultants
  3. By having a class where you have 6 or more people attend and you will be  able to choose extra gifts from the Azza Club catalogue. For further information, please contact your personal Consultant.
  4. Watch out for other opportunities to earn more points.

How to get your gifts?

Advise your consultant when you would like to ‘cash’ your points in and what gift you would like to choose.


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