AZZA Values

Creativity, Emotion, Share


Roxy    Anita Day

Roxanne Fisher and Anita Day, Directors, Azza Pacific Pty Ltd


Creativity: is the motivation for all of us, as well as for our clients, our consultants and the creative team that designs the AZZA products and techniques.

Emotion: We preserve our memories and that of our families by manipulating and presenting our photos to their best advantage.  These often involve unique gifts to present to families and friends that are thoughtful and personalised.

Share: Our workshops and classes revolve around the sharing of ideas and techniques from well-trained, passionate consultants to enthusiastic clients.

We also have a lot of fun!


We want to offer to a large number of people the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a crafty, stimulating and friendly environment. We have a professional team whose goal is to provide the best service to our clients and our consultants … ”

 The AZZA life is:

  • DARING to meet like-minded people to share ideas
  • CREATING something special for ourselves and future generations
  • INVENTING something new each day
  • CHOOSING to live out a dream of a creative career, at our own pace
  • SHARING ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm
  • OFFERING to help others achieve the same exciting goals
  • GROWING each day, improving our skills and our businesses.

At Azza, we believe it is possible to base a business around the sharing of creative skills, where each consultant can grow a rewarding business, supported by people with common interests, goals and enthusiasm.  In doing so, each consultant reaps the rewards of their efforts and earns the respect of others.

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