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The AZZA world: Scrapbooking and Cards!

AZZA is known for its unique style of scrapbooking – but we are less known for cards. All our products can be used for greeting cards and that also includes our stencils, there is even a stencil made just for the size of a card. Expand your creativity …. play, have fun and experiment!

AZZA: Creator of European scrapbooking

Scrapbooking AZZA our style

Azza is the creator of a specific style of scrapbooking that has been imitated by others.  Therefore a generic descriptor was created:  European Scrapbooking.

The Azza style has developed over time.  It is characterised by a refined, self-created decor with specific attention to the harmony and balance of the composition.  Today, this style can be found in all our creations in scrapbooking, card-making and decor.Over the years, the AZZA style became stronger and stronger. It is characterized by a certain sobriety,  ‘handmade’ decor and a very careful attention to the harmony and balance of composition.


The enhancement of your photos

Scrapbooking AZZA The enhancement of your photos

In scrapbooking, our motto is ‘the photo first’. It’s always the photos that we place first! The decoration is then added and has the sole goal of enhancing the photos, not to dominate.


The AZZA embellishments

Scrapbooking: The AZZA embellishments

To highlight the photos, AZZA has developed embellishment techniques for the pages made with chalk, ink, markers, woody pencils, gel pens etc using our Decorative Stencils and figures.

This same technique is applied to our cards and decor – want to learn how to do these techniques? Our fully qualified Consultants hold classes – go to ‘Find a Consultant’ to locate the closest one to you.

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