Direct Sales

Why Direct Sales?

Scrapbooking AZZA Direct Sales

Since the origin of  the company, the goal is to enable women to to run their own business without the pressure or demand of sales quotas. The distribution of products should also serve to pay the work of the self business women. Furthermore, Azza is keen to promote the human aspect, the social bond … so the Direct sales method was selected.  Due to the size of Australia, at the moment we also sell via our on-line shop but we encourage everyone to contact the closest consultant to help these wonderful business women to grow their business and to save money on postage.

The great advantage of contacting a Consultant is the knowledge and advice that she will be able to give you along with a personal touch that I am sure you will appreciate.

In addition to selling products, AZZA was the first company to offer both our client a class to learn our techniques and give (on-going) training to our Consultants to do it.


The advantages for the buyers

Scrapbooking AZZA Advantages for the buyers

Depending on what you and your Consultant have decided where to hold the class, you only need to supply your photos – the rest is supplied and is part of the class fee. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn the concept and style of Azza, use our stencils and equipment which will help you to decide which products you would like to purchase.

The ‘try before you buy’ is a perfect way to make an informed decision about your purchases.

In addition, in AZZA, our consultants are fully trained and qualified to teach you the exclusive scrapbooking and decoration techniques that are solely Azza.


Consultant – What does that mean?

Scrapbooking AZZA Self sellers. What does that mean

Consultants are not employees of the Company. They are paid a percentage of sales and are free to organise their time as they want. The Company provides them with the training, the tools they need and the code of ethics they must adhere to in the way they work.

If you are interested in joining our team or finding out more information, please click ‘Become a Consultant‘.

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