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Creativity and quality, strong commitments for AZZA


Scrapbooking AZZA Creativity & quality

The majority of AZZA products are exclusively designed and branded, these products are affordable and versatile – they can be used with different media (scrapbooking, cards, decor) and complement each other.

Quality is always a high priority at AZZA.


Here, the same figure is used both on a scrapbooking page as well as a card:

Scrapbooking AZZA: The modular products


Our products are versatile and work well together: you can use them to produce a variety of projects in several different contexts.

  • The size of our stencils is matched to our pages, but also to our canvas or to other forms of wall decoration;
  • The packaging of our kits provides a reusable pouch or folder for storage;
  • We offer you different sizes and composition of figures so that you can  adapt them to your project.


Another highlight of the AZZA brand is the use of colour, always with the idea of harmony in mind.

We created a range of neutral-coloured figures that you can colour to tone in with the colours of your page and layout.  This is achieved with a wide range of products in coordinated colours – chalks, inks, markers and pens, papers etc.

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